How are fats digested in our bodies? Where does this process take place?


Supriya SME at Edumarz

Solution:Fats play an important role in our daily life, as they act like fuel for the body. But fats act like a fuel only after digestion. Thus, for the digestion of fats our liver produces juice called bile juice. But the liver itself does not take part in digestion of fats.


Instead the process of digestion of food takes place in the small intestine after the bile juice ( duct) and fats gets transferred to the small intestine.

Inside the small intestine bile juice emulsifies the fat i.e it breaks down the large globular fat into small globules. The pancreas then secretes pancreatic fluid which contains lipase for the breakdown of fats.  After that, the small intestine releases juice ( containing enzymatic activity) that convert these molecules into glycerol and fatty acids.

Which further with the help of the lymphatic  system and bloodstream gets distributed to the other parts of the body where it acts like a fuel and provides energy.

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