How are involuntary actions and reflex actions different from each other?


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Solution: Involuntary and reflex actions are two different processes that occur in our body according to the circumstances.

                Involuntary action 

                  Reflex action 

Involuntary action is defined as action which is not in our control, or which we can not do by thinking them even if we want. 

Reflex action is also defined as an immediate or spontaneous reaction which does not take time to occur or wait for processing by the brain.

Speed of involuntary action is relatively slow than reflex action

Reflex action is rapid 

Involuntary actions are controlled by the brain.

Reflex action is controlled by the spinal cord. 

Involuntary actions are performed whole life 

Eg. heartbeat

Reflex actions produced only in response to any stimuli.

Eg . blinking of eyes 


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