How are the alveoli designed to maximise the exchange of gases?


Supriya SME Edumarz

 Solution: Alveoli are thin walled sacs roughly 0.2 to 0.5mm in diameter , containing a network of blood capillaries  that appears like a bunch of grapes to facilitate the exchange of  gases between the air filled  alveoli and  the blood.these are also known  as pulmonary alveoli


Alveoli are the part of the lungs,with the  millions of  tiny balloon -like structures with thin elastic walls.the whole surface of alveoli functions like a respiratory system 

Alveoli  are the end point of the respiratory system and  the primary sites of gas exchange between blood and lungs. ( oxygen and carbon dioxide)  by the simple method of diffusion . The walls of the alveoli are extremely thin ( this lets oxygen and carbon dioxide get passed between alveoli and capillaries)  and surrounded by capillaries and the fact that there are  large number of alveoli in lungs means there is availability of large surface area for the respiration of gasses. As a result, alveoli are intended to enhance gas exchange.

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