How are the Other Backward Castes different from the Dalits (or ScheduledCastes)?


Solution :The most apparent and discriminatory type of social inequality was untouchability. Despite this, there was a substantial population of low-status castes who were subjected to varied degrees of prejudice. The leaders of the ex-untouchability communities coined another term, Dalit, which is now the widely accepted label for these groups. The word Dalit literally means ‘downtrodden,’ and it connotes a people who are persecuted. However, the Indian constitution recognises the possibility that societal advantages may be enjoyed by groups other than SCs and STs. “Socially and educationally backward classes” or “other backward classes” were used to describe these people.The OBCs do not belong to either the established castes at the top of the caste structure or the Dalits at the bottom. Unlike the Dalits, the OBCs are a far more diversified community.

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