How can we demonstrate that the different dimensions of culture comprise a whole?


-Mamta Dey, Subject matter expert, Edumarz

Solution: All the components of culture are complementary to each other and function as a whole.

There are three dimensions of a culture

  1. Cognitive: the way we understand something or give a meaning after we look into it.                                           For eg: Greeting someone with a namaste is a symbolization of Indian culture.
  2. Normative: It is the rule of conduct that every society follows. Every culture has got certain rules and regulations that one needs to follow. For eg: taking your shoes off while entering a temple is a normative dimension of culture. If one is not able to follow it then there are strict actions which can be taken against him or her.
  3. Material: It is the part of the culture that is linked with the man-made part of the environment: Mobile phones

Even though there are many dimensions of culture, all of them function as a whole. They can’t function individually, instead, they are interdependent on each other.

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