How did Ananthakrishna Iyer and Sarat Chandra Roy come to practice social anthropology?


-Mamta Dey,Subject matter expert,Edumarz.

Solution: Ananthakrishna Iyer began his career as a social anthropologist by assisting British administrators in ethnographic surveys of India on a voluntary basis. He began his career as a clerk before moving on to Ernakulam as a college professor. The Dewan of Cochin requested him to help with an anthropological survey of the state in 1902. Later, he worked as an unpaid Superintendent of Ethnography for the British government. Anthropologists and administrators in the United Kingdom praised his work. Iyer became a reader at the University of Madras and founded the University of Calcutta’s post-graduate department of anthropology. As a result, he is known as the first self-taught anthropologist.

Sarat Chandra Roy has a law degree as well as an English degree. In Ranchi, he gave up his law career and became a school teacher. After resuming his law business, he was appointed as the court’s official translator. As he had to interpret tribal customs in court, he gradually got interested in tribal civilization. He learned a great deal about the indigenous people of Chhotanagpur’s culture and society. On this subject, Roy wrote significant monographs and research articles. He traveled extensively and conducted extensive fieldwork in the indigenous society.

As a result, Iyer and Roy became interested in social anthropology as a result of their professional experiences.

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