How do auxins promotes the growth of a tendril around a support?


Bhawna bhardwaj, Subject matter expert at Edumarz

Solution- Auxin is a plant hormone that is produced at the shoot’s tip. It aids the cell’s rapid growth. As a result, when a tendon comes into touch with support, auxin encourages the growth of the cells on the opposite side; this is how auxin promotes tendon growth around supports.

Auxin is a plant hormone that plays a critical function in plant development and growth. Auxins were first discovered in human urine.

Shoots, young leaves, and stems produce auxin in the apical meristem.

   Effects of auxin:-

  • Auxins in the flowers encourage ovary maturity and, eventually, fruit development.

  • Root primordia emerge on cuttings after the introduction of a modest amount of auxins, and root production occurs.

  • Auxins influence gibberellins, which influence the length of the plant.

         Background-The movement of auxin is unidirectional, it moves downward from its     site of production. Auxin-specific transport protein in the plasma membrane controls the    movement of auxin out the cell.

1.Auxin can be synthetic or natural.




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