How do socio-cultural factors influence development?



It’s very evident that the biological factors don’t solely control our behaviours, there are other factors too that influences our development. 

For example –  some are vegetarians while some are non-vegetarians, moreover, some of the vegetarians eat eggs too while many don’t consume eggs. So how they became what they are. 

This show that biological factors cant be only used to understand the complex developmental patterns of behaviour.  There is an interplay of socio-cultural factors too.

Socio-cultural factors provide a social context to the individual and influence the development. 

You must have seen social and cultural factors influencing one’s development. The social factor includes the stereotypes and fixed patterns and social expectations that people hold regarding one’s development. For example – if you haven’t completed class 10th  in your adolescence people will be amazed, and if in adulthood you don’t get a dignified job then also they will be shocked and will expect you to get a good job. 

While the cultural factors somehow majorly affect development for example people who are in constant threat will be more active than those who live in normal or luxurious conditions. Some cultures may include extra expression of our emotions, while some cultures do not allow such explicit showcase of emotions.  Some cultures are patriarchal in nature for example – India, believe that boys can do this work while girls are supposed to do different work.  Such distinction is nothing more than stereotypes. Some cultures believe in equality of work, India is also looking forward to women empowerment. 

Social-cultural factors may also include people who are educated and uneducated, educated people tend to influence healthy development and vice-versa

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