How does Kezia begin to see her father as a human being who needs her sympathy?


Snehal, Subject matter expert at Edumarz

When Kezia’s mother was hospitalized and due to this her grandmother had to go with her, Kezia had been left alone in the house with a cook, Alice, and her father. All went well during the day. At night, she missed her grandmother and slept downheartedly. She encountered a nightmare in which a butcher was moving towards her with a knife and a rope. He had a wild smirk on his face and little Kezia was unable to move from her place. Dreadfully, she woke up and found her father standing right next to her bed. 


        Seeing his little girl’s terrible face, he lifted her up and took her to his bedroom. He pampered her lovingly and told her to rub her feet against her in order to have some warmth. She felt safe and comfy in the presence of her father for the first time. She understood her father’s love and the fact that he works hard for her family and that’s the reason he couldn’t get time to play with her. From that day onwards, Kezia began to see her father as a human being who needs her sympathy.

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