How does the embryo get nourishment inside the mother’s body?


Anitha Dunga : SME at Edumarz

Solution: The offspring of human beings during the period of second to the eighth week of the development after fertilization is known as embryo after the eighth week it is called as fetus.

Nourishment : The action of nourishing someone or something with food and other material like water which is necessary for growth and development of the body. Nourishment is important for good health condition


Generally the embryo develops inside the mothers body in the uterus. In the uterus the outside layer of the embryo forms a finger like projections called villi. This villi is surrounded by the mothers blood and the uterine tissues. This villi provides a large surface area for the exchange of oxygen and nutrients from the mothers blood and its surroundings. Placenta which is embedded in the uterine walls is a specialized tissue. The embryo receives all the nutrients and oxygen from the mothers blood through the placenta. The waste material that is produced by the embryo is also taken away by the placenta.

                       Embryo in the uterus of the mothers body

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