How is oxygen and carbon dioxide transported in human beings?


Bhawna Bhardwaj, subject matter expert at Edumarz

Solution: Oxygen and carbon dioxide transport in human beings takes place by hemoglobin which is present in red blood cells of the blood. We breathe in oxygen which binds to hemoglobin. Hemoglobin transports oxygen to different body cells for cellular respiration. Then the blood becomes oxygenated. The heart pumps this oxygenated blood to all the body cells. After giving oxygen to cells, the blood becomes deoxygenated and takes carbon dioxide which is the end product of cellular respiration.  Now the blood becomes deoxygenated. Now this deoxygenated blood gives carbon dioxide to lung alveoli and takes oxygen and the process repeats.

Explanation -1.oxygen is transported as oxyhemoglobin (97-99%).rest of the oxygen 1-3% of oxygen dissolved in water of plasma.

2. Carbon dioxide is transported in three ways:-

  • As carbaminohaemoglobin (about 23%) is formed by the combination of carbon dioxide with hemoglobin.

  • As carbonic acid (about 7%) is formed by the dissolution of carbon dioxide in the water of plasma.

  • As bicarbonate (about 70%)

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