How is the movement of leaves of the sensitive plant different from the movement of shoots towards light?


Bhawna bhardwaj,Subject matter expert at Edumarz

Solution-Thigmonastic movement is the nastic movement of sensitive plant leaves in response to a stimulus touch. Seismonastic movement is another name for the thigmotactic movement. It is a nastic movement that occurs as a result of touch. Non-directional movements are known as nastic movements. The movement of the leaves is nondirectional since it is neither towards nor away from the stimulus contact. The tropic movement of a shoot towards the light in reaction to a stimulus light is called phototropism, whereas the movement of a shoot towards the light in response to a stimulus light is called phototropism.


 Phototropism refers to a plant’s movement away from or toward the stimulus light. It’s a directed movement in which the shoot moves in the direction of the light.Phototropism can be negative or positive.Stem moves towards the light , it is called positive phototropism ,while roots move away from the source of light , it is called negative phototropism.

Thigmonasty is defined as the non-directional movement of plant components, such as leaves, in reaction to contact.

Because leaves do not move towards or away from each other, it is a non-directional movement.When you touch the leaves of a touch-me-not plant, the plant folds.

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