How many times have you fallen ill in the last one year? What were the illnesses?


 (a) Think of one change you could make in your habits in order to avoid any of/most of the above illnesses.

 (b) Think of one change you would wish for in your surroundings in order to avoid any of/most of the above illnesses.

-Anitha Dunga: Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Answer :  In the last one year I have fallen ill only once in the year. The disease that I have suffered was typhoid. It is a contaminate disease that spreads over the contaminated water, and food.

(a)  One change that I made in my daily habits after suffering from the disease in order to protect myself in near future are

  • I have started drinking clean, pure and boiled water.

  • I have chosen a habit of washing hands before eating anything.

  • A clean environment is essential for healthy living. I have started cleaning my home regularly, regular cleaning helps in avoiding allergies, and avoid spreading germs.

(b)  One change that I made in order to avoid the above kind of contaminated diseases is

  • Keep cleaning my surroundings

  • Stagnant water is the main reason for spreading diseases. Cleaning of stagnant water near my surroundings, so that developing and spreading of diseases can be easily avoided.

  • I have avoided throwing the waste or dust material on roads, and maintaining dustbins for wet waste and dry waste separately.

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