Type of letter:

         When we write a letter to an officer it’s called a formal letter.        


Who is an officer:

         An officer is a person who has authority or power or control.



  1. Police officer                            – Has authority to control criminal activities in society.
  2. Village administrative officer    – Has authority to control bonded labor in the village


Why do we write a letter to an officer?

        We write a letter to an officer for the following

  • To bring to his attention the problem faced by an individual or a group of people or the people of an entire town or village.
  • Requesting him to address the issues and solve the problem as soon as possible


What is a formal letter?

        The meaning for the word  formal is something that follows a certain pattern or 

        certain rules.


Certain rules or patterns to be followed while writing a letter to an officer?

        These are the simple rules to be followed while writing a letter to an officer.


  1. If you are writing a letter to an officer you have to write your name and address so that the officer can know you personally and the location where you are living.





                      Name:         :……………………….,

                      Address:      …………………….,

                                          ……………………. .


  1. Write the date after writing your name and address. You have to write the date because if the officer fails to take action for a long time you can show the date as proof of the officer’s inability to solve the problem quickly.          






  1. After writing the date you have to write the receiver’s designation, department, and the address to whom you are registering your complaint. You have to write the correct designation and department for your according to your problem. 



For a theft case, you have to write a letter to the Inspector of police to solve your problem. If you write a theft complaint letter to a Village administrative officer he cannot solve your problem because he doesn’t have authority over it.





Address  …………,

               ……………….   .       

  1. Write the subject of your complaint. It generally gives the overall idea about your complaint. Suppose if you have lost your cycle you have to write subject like below


                     Example 1:


                    Subject: A complaint to identify and restore my theft cycle.


                    Example 2:


                     Subject: A complaint to repair the damaged pipeline in my street.


  1. Write salutation it shows the respect we are giving to the official.


                    Example :


                      Respected Sir, Madam


  1. Briefly explain what is your problem and what are the impacts your facing from the problem and the officer to solve the problem as soon as possible.



                      I live in Ram street. In our street water pipeline was broken Yesterday. As          

                      a result lot of water is getting wasted by mixing into the sewage.Road 

                      has become slippery and many people are falling. So I request you to 

                      address this issue and solve the issue as soon as possible.




  1. Write compliments like Your’s Truly or Your’s Sincerely and sign your name. This shows that you’re declaring all the above problems are true to the official. 



Your’s Truly,

Your Signature

Sample: Write a letter to the Inspector of Police about the theft of your bicycle



              Mahendra Singh Dhoni,

              Ram Nagar,



              23 November 2021



               Inspector of Police,

               Ram Nagar,


           Subject: A complaint to find and restore my lost bicycle.


           Respected Sir,

                        I am Mahendra Singh Dhoni and I live in Ram Nagar. Yesterday I went 

          Lakshmi hotel in Ram Nagar to buy food with my cycle. As I was in the urge to 

          buy food, I forgot to lock my bicycle and went into the shop. When I returned to go 

          with my bicycle, I found my bicycle missing. I searched my bicycle everywhere 

          around the location but  I cannot find the cycle. The name of my bicycle is 

           Hercules. My bicycle will be red in colour with my name written on it. So,I request   

          you to take immediate action to find and restore my cycle.


           Your’s Truly,

            Mahendra Singh Dhoni, 

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