Type of letter:

       An inquiry letter is a type of formal letter.        

Why do we write an Inquiry letter?

        We write an inquiry letter

  • To inquire about job vacancies or admission to the courses in a college.
  • To inquire about products or services offered by a company.

What is a formal letter?

        The meaning for the word  formal is something that follows a certain pattern or 

        certain rules.

Certain rules or patterns to be followed while writing an inquiry letter?

        These are the simple rules to be followed while writing an inquiry letter.

  1. If you are writing an inquiry letter you have to write your name and address so that the company can know you personally and the location where you are living.



Name:         :……………………….,

Address:      …………………….,

……………………. .

  1. Write the date after writing your name and address. You have to write the date to know when you have inquired about the vacancies or products or services and to know how long it is taking to get a reply for future inquiries.          




  1. After writing the date you have to write the receiver’s designation, company name, and the address of the company you are going to inquire



Company Name,

Address  …………,

……………….   .

  1. Write the subject of What your inquiry is about. It generally gives an overall idea of What your inquiry is about


                    Example 1:

                    Subject: An inquiry about laptops for buying in bulk

                    Example 2:

                    Subject: An inquiry about job vacancy for sales executive

  1. Write salutation it shows the respect we are giving to the official.

 Example :


Dear Sir, Madam

  1. Tell your need to the company like
  1. the product/ service you are looking for
  2. Specification of the products/service
  3. total no of Quantity/Quality of the service
  4. Discounts
  5. total cost of the products/cost of the service



I am Rajeev manager of SKC book house. There is a huge demand for
Arihant GK book in our shop.We need 500 numbers of the 2020 edition of

the book. We do not want other editions of the book. Please send us the

price for 500 numbers of books and let us know if there are any discounts

available. Please send the details as soon as possible.


  1. Write compliments like Your’s Truly or Your’s Sincerely and sign your name. This shows that you’re declaring all the above problems are true to the official. 


Your’s Truly,

Your Signature

Sample: Write an inquiry letter to book a room in a hotel           


Mahendra Singh Dhoni,

Ram Nagar,


23 November 2021


Five Star hotel,

Anna Nagar,


Subject: An inquiry to book a room in the hotel

Dear Sir,

My name is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I live in Chennai. I am coming to

Bangalore for a 3-day business trip. I need certain facilities to book a room in

your hotel. I need a single room with two beds, wi-fi, AC, television and a

bathroom with a heater. I need a balcony to do yoga while watching the sunrise.

Though I am a South Indian I like north Indian foods more. Do tell me whether

north Indian foods are served in your hotel. I don’t care about the price I’m ready

to pay at any cost. So please reply to me regarding the details as soon as


Your’s Truly,

Mahendra Singh Dhoni,

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