Type of letter:

       An Application Letter is a type of formal letter.        


Why do we write an Application Letter?

        We write an application letter 

  • To get a job or admission to the courses in a college.                 


What is a formal letter?

        The meaning for the word  formal is something that follows a certain pattern or 

        certain rules.


Certain rules or patterns to be followed while writing an application letter?

        These are the simple rules to be followed while writing an application letter.


  1. If you are writing an application letter you have to write your name and address, E-mail, and Mobile number so that the company/college can know you personally and the location where you are living.



                      On the top right corner write your


                                                                                      Name:         :……………………….,

                                                                                      Address:      …………………….,

                                                                                                            ……………………. .

                                                                                      E-mail:         ………………………

                                                                                      Phone no:   ………………………..


  1. Write the date after writing your name, address, e-mail, and mobile number. You have to write the date for future references.       




                       Date: DD/MM/YYYY


  1. After writing the date you have to write the receiver’s designation, company name/college name, and the address of the company/college you are going to apply to.




Company Name,

Address  …………,


  1. In the subject, you have to write the name of the post or the course you are applying for.              


                    Example 1:


                    Subject: An application for the post of Sales Executive 


                    Example 2:


                    Subject: An application for the admission of B.E.


  1. Write a salutation it shows the respect you are giving to the official.


                    Example :


                     Dear Sir, Madam


  1. Write the letter with the following guidelines


  1. Give reference to the advertisement
  2. Write about your educational background.
  3. Write about your work experience
  4. Write about the achievements in your career. 
  5. Write how much you are excited to work in the company.
  6. Tell them why your fit for the role.
  7. Thank the recruiter.
  8. Notify about the resume that you have attached on the next page.




                      With reference, to the advertisement dated 26 November 2021 on “THE 

                      HINDU” newspaper, I would like to apply for the post of Biology Teacher.

                      I did my post-graduation and Doctorate in Botany. I have been working as 

                     a Biology teacher for the 10th standard for the past three 

                     years. Under my teaching, 10 students have got centum in board exams. 

                     I am looking forward to working as a Biology teacher for the 12th standard 

                     and guiding the students to get good marks to get their career-defining 

                     College courses. I hope I would be a good fit for the role.



  1. Write compliments like Your’s Truly or Your’s Sincerely and sign your name. This shows that you’re declaring all the above information to be true to the official. 



Your’s truly,

Your Signature

Sample: Write an application letter for the Content writer role in Blog Reporter 



                                                                                              Mahendra Singh Dhoni,

                                                                                                                Ram Nagar,



                                                                                              Mobile: 0123456789             


                                                                                              23 November 2021



               Managing Director,

               Blog Reporter,

               Anna Nagar,


           Subject: An application for the post of Content Writer in Blog Reporter.


           Dear Sir,

                        With reference, to the above advertisement on “THE HINDU” dated 26 

           November 2021, I would like to apply for the post of Content Writer. I have     

           completed my post-graduation English. During my college days, I had 

           participated in numerous essay competitions and won the first prize. My college 

           had honored me with “Best Literate” of the year continuously for three successive 

         years. With these achievements in hand, I would like to kickstart my career happily    

            as a content writer. I hope I would be a good fit for the role.


            Please see my attached resume and work samples.

          Thanking you and I am so glad to hear from you.


         Your’s Truly,

         Mahendra Singh Dhoni, 

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