How will an organism be benefited if it reproduces through spores?


Kumudinee, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution:  spore formation is one the means of reproduction wherein, during unfavourable conditions, an organism develops a sac-like structure called sporangium containing spores.

Formation of spores is mainly involved in asexual reproduction

During favourable conditions these sporangium bursts open to release spores. The spores are analogues of seeds and get germinated to give rise to new organisms.

Advantages of reproduction by spores:

  • Large number of spores can be produced at once.

  • Being light weight spores get carried by wind for long distances and this helps to avoid competition at one place.

  • The spores are covered by a thick layer of lipids and other compounds to prevent the dehydration of spores during unfavourable conditions.

  • Spore reproduction is comparatively quick and a large number of spores can germinate simultaneously giving rise to a large population of that particular species. 

  • This increases survival chances of the species. 

  • Spores remain in a dormant condition until they germinate during favourable conditions.

  • As the spores are light,they spread with wind to different regions.

  • The thick and hydrophobic wall protects the genetic material of spores during unfavourable conditions. 

  • This is involved in asexual reproduction, so there is no alternations in genetic material and parental characters are inherited.

  • This type of reproduction is evolved for the survival of species during stress conditions. 


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