Hurry up! Applications for 2023/24 Chevening Scholarships are open now.


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Chevening Scholarships is a program funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to encourage people from all over the world with outstanding leadership qualities to pursue a one-year master’s degree course from the University of the United Kingdom.This article will inform you about the important dates, Benefits, and process of applying for the scholarship.

Chevening Scholarship 2023/24

Chevening Scholarship is one of the top international scholarships for students wanting to continue their studies in the UK. The organisers are now accepting applications from candidates who are interested in being the recipient of the Chevening Scholarship.

Key details about the Chevening Scholarship

Name of the Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship

Sponsoring Organisation

British Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Encourage graduates from all over the world with leadership qualities to pursue masters from the Universities of the UK.

Scholarship offered for

Graduates with great leadership skills.

Official site 

Chevening Scholarship

Important dates for the applicants:

Date of applying begins: 1st July 2022

Last date to apply: 02 November 2022

Chevening scholarship requirements:

  1. Candidates who can show a commitment to advancing the UK/British interests in their native nation often may get Chevening Scholarships.

2.The applicant must be a citizen of one of the Chevening eligible countries.

3.Candidates should also have completed at least two years of postgraduate study (excluding study abroad) at the same time they submit their application and are nominated by a recognized organization, university department, or Alumni association in their country of residency.

4.Candidates should exhibit leadership potential and outline how, if awarded a scholarship, they will serve as strong ambassadors for the UK.

5.Candidates who may have two years of work experience or otherwise must have at least 2,800 working hours.

6.Candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Benefits of Chevening Scholarship 

As the scholarship’s major objective is to encourage students all over the world with good leadership skills to pursue master’s in the UK, It still has some other benefits that are:

  1. The scholarship covers tuition fees.
  2.  Every month, the stipend is released.
  3. Costs associated with getting to and from the UK.
  4. A single Visa application’s cost.
  5. Numerous events have grants available for attendees.
  6. Travel allowance to support your involvement in Chevening activities in the UK.
  7. Chevening will cover quarantine expenses if you make your reservations via Diversity Travel.
  8. Free COVID-19 vaccination is available under the scholarship.
  9. The scholarship also covers any costs incurred for study-related resources.

How to apply?

Chevening scholarship applications are available from July 1st, 2022.

All Chevening applications submitted through our online application system (OAS). This system will be used throughout the application and selection process.

 For applications to be accepted, candidates must follow the guidelines given below.

Step 1: Select your country by clicking here and then choose the Chevening scholarship.

Step 2: Provide the necessary data to create your account. And remember your username and password. This saves time when you want to log back into the online application system. 

Step 3: Fill out every necessary information to complete your profile.

Step 4: Answer the quiz that ensures your ability for a scholarship.

Step 5: Now fill in the application and attach the documents given below.

  • English proficiency certificate
  • Conditional offers for suggested study programs.
  • Unconditional offers for recommended study programs 
  • References
  • Passport 
  • ID card. 

Selection process:

The applicant should satisfy the eligibility criteria, and then each application will be evaluated by an independent panel. The selection criteria of the candidate include a set of requirements like evidence of leadership potential, community involvement, a commitment to further education, and financial necessity.


Is the Chevening scholarship fully funded?

Ans: Yes, The Chevening scholarship is fully funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Do applicants need IELTS to apply?

Ans:  Yeah. Applicants must clear IELTS to apply with a minimum overall score of 6.5 and a minimum score of 5.5 in each component.

How much is the Chevening monthly stipend?

Ans:  The amount of stipend depends on the location of the candidate, $917 will be the stipend for the candidates who stay outside London, and $1134 will be given for the one who stays inside London.

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