Identify the different roles and status that you play and are located in. Do you think roles and status change? Discuss when and how they change.


-Mamta Dey, Subject matter expert.

Solution:Status describes the position of a person occupied in a particular setting. However,the role is the set of norms, values, and characteristics attached to a particular status.

The role and status of a person keep on changing over the lifetime.For example: A girl who is studying in a school is playing the role of a student. In school ,she has the status of a student where she needs to follow certain values and norms in order to maintain the role she plays as a student. How,ever that student will also have the status of a daughter, sister, and future wife. With the new sets of statuses, her role will keep on changing. 

After the student completes her studies and gets a job she enjoys a new status of being an employee. As an employee , the role she will play would be different from the role she used to play when she was a student. When she gets married she will have the new status of a wife and she will be expected to play the role of a wife.

Hence, we can say that the role and status of a person keep on changing throughout life within different time frames.

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