If a woman is using a copper -T, will it help in protecting her from sexually transmitted diseases?


Anitha D unga : SME at Edumarz

Solution: No, using copper-T will not provide any protection from the sexually transmitted diseases, beacuse it does not prevent the entry of semen. It only prevents the embryo fertilizing and its implantation by reducing the activity of the sperms and egg.

Copper-t is a device that is used for the contraception of the female reproductive system. It is a T shaped plastic frame that is inserted into the uterus of the female reproductive system. The device contains a copper wire that coiled around it produces an inflammatory reaction that is toxic to sperms and egg and by this it prevents pregnancy.

Copper ions released from the device reduce the sperm mobility and prevent the sperms from passing through the cervical mucus and thus prevent the fertilizing egg.

This copper – t has lots of side effects

  • Causes irregular periods, heavy or long periods

  • Causes more or worse cramping during periods

                 Copper -T in uterus of Female Reproductive System

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