Imagine a society where there is no competition. Is it possible? If not, Why not?


-Mamta Dey,Subject matter expert, Edumarz

Solution: No, we cannot conceive of a society without competition . People engage with one another in a variety of settings. In most social circumstances, people behave in one of two ways: cooperative or competitive. Cooperation is what we call it when people work together to attain a common goal. Competition is likely to arise when members aim to maximize their personal benefits and work to achieve self-interest. Cooperation and competition, however, are present in all social interactions.

Competitive objectives are created in such a way that each individual can only achieve his or her own goal if the goals of others are not met. Many times, within the system of production relations, groups and people are placed differently and unequally.However, contests, which are a dissociated social process, are an important aspect of the social structure. As a result, we are unable to envision a society without rivalry. It is a necessary and fundamental feature of any society on the planet. There can be a less competitive or a highly competitive society, but there can’t be a society without competition.

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