In evolutionary terms, can we say which among bacteria, spiders, fish and chimpanzees have a ‘better’ body design ? Why or why not ?


Haritha,Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution:We can’t say one organism has a better body design than another. This is because each organism is capable of performing different functions with the body design present in it.

Body design of bacteria

Bacteria have simple body designs and have the ability to survive in extreme conditions. Bacterial structural components include cell wall, cytoplasm, flagella etc.The cell wall of bacteria are formed of a protein called peptidoglycan.


Body design of spiders

The body of a spider contains two sections.The head and thorax combine to form a region called the cephalothorax.The second body section, the abdomen is covered by a cuticle. The body of a spider is also covered by skin formed mainly of protein and chitin.


Body design of fish

Fishes are organisms that live in water.Scales present in fish protect them from predators. For respiration, fish use structures called gills.Fins are the structures used for swimming.Fishes are also characterized by a structure called the swim bladder that helps in moving up and down in water.


Body design of chimpanzee

The body of a chimpanzee is covered by black hair. The face of a chimpanzee is flat in appearance, and the eyes and nose are very small.They also lack tail and large ears.


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