In evolutionary terms, we have more in common with : (a) a Chinese school-boy (b) a chimpanzee (c) a spider (d) a bacterium


Gunpreet, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Answer: (a) a Chinese school-boy

We have more in common with a Chinese schoolboy in terms of evolution. We know that evolution is the change in the characteristics of organisms over a period of time. This evolution has occurred because of natural selection and genetic drift and led to the formation of new species that cannot reproduce with the original one. Similarities among organisms allow us to group them in the same group. So, members of a particular species have more common characteristics than other species. Because we both belong to the same species, sapiens, we have more in common with Chinese schoolboys. However, a chimpanzee, a spider, and a bacterium have different characteristics. It is also known that both human beings and chimpanzees have a common ancestor a long time ago. But the two species have evolved to give rise to two different species.

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