In what sense has caste become relatively ‘invisible’ for the urban upper castes?


Solution : The urban middle and upper classes profited the most from the reforms in the caste system. These groups had access to the required economic and educational resources as a result of their caste standing, and they took full advantage of the opportunities presented by fast progress. Subsidized public education, particularly professional education in science, technology, medicine, and management, benefited the upper caste elite in particular. In the early decades after independence, they were also able to benefit from the expansion of state-run jobs. Because of this head start on the rest of society in terms of education, they were afforded a privileged position.

This shift was detrimental to the so-called SC and ST castes, as well as the backward castes. The caste system became all too evident for these people. They lacked intellectual and social capital, and they had to fight with an upper caste that had already established itself. They can’t afford to forget about their caste. They continue to face many forms of discrimination.

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