In what ways can changes in social structure lead to changes in the family structure?


Solution : The family structure can be viewed as a social institution in and of itself, as well as in connection to other social institutions in society.

The family’s internal structure is frequently linked to other societal structures, such as political, economic, cultural, and so on. As a result, any significant change in family members’ behavior patterns may alter the nature of society. For example, working schedules of young parents in India’s software industry may lead to an increase in the number of grandparents moving in to care for their young grandchildren, changing the composition of the family and its structure. And these changes can be understood in the context of societal changes.

The family (the private sphere) is intertwined with the public domains of economics, politics, culture, and education.

Changes in families and society might happen by accident, for example, when people relocate in pursuit of work or for safety concerns, as a result of war or rioting.

These changes are sometimes purposely brought about, for example, due to independence and openness of ideas, people picking their careers, life partners, and lifestyles, and such changes are common in Indian society.

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