In which kingdom will you place an organism which is single-celled, eukaryotic and photosynthetic?


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Solution: The organism which is single – celled eukaryotic and photosynthetic in nature belongs to the kingdom Protista

The kingdom protista consists of higher than primitive forms of organisms. The organism has a well developed nucleus but they are unicellular in nature. Protista is divided along such groups- 

  • Animals like protists– which have the ability to move and they are called heterotrophs.

  • Plants like protists– which can prepare their food by the process of photosynthesis and are called autotrophs.

  • Fungi like protists– which have a cell wall along with cell membrane and can produce spores by reproduction.

The organism eukaryotic means it has a well developed nucleus along with proper cell structure.

And the term photosynthetic means the organism which is able to make its own food just like plants. They have chlorophyll as a component which helps them function as autotrophs. Chlorophyll is a component which is present in chloroplast. Chlorophyll helps them to absorb light energy for preparing their own foods i.e. functioning as Autotrophs.

Photosynthetic protists have flagella which helps them for their movement.

Photosynthetic protists are generally various algae, diatoms, dinoflates and euglena. These protists generally are present in aquatic environments and some prefer moist environments also.

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