India Building Its Position at Top for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship


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India Ranked first in 176 countries


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About Erasmus Mundus Scholarship


The program of the European Union seeks to improve the standard of higher education. Through collaboration between the EU and the rest of the world. The program’s three main goals are:

  • To Internationalize students, faculty, curricula, and research
  • To ensure the needs in the education system and inclusive education is influential.
  • To create international collaborative networks, projects, and research.    



Joint Programmes

Action 1 of EM supports a network of higher education institutions. Connections between the EU and the other nations that run these programs.  They offer an integrated course and joint diplomas. That is only after completion of coursework or research at two or more institutes. Many scholarships are funded by EM for students enrolled in Master’s Courses. Scholarships are accessible for working instructors in these courses. Candidates have also had access to fellowships since 2010. That is due to a Joint doctorate program. Scholarships cover the costs of enrollment, maintenance, and insurance throughout the study period. Many students are also entitled to reimbursement for their travel expenses.  



EM Partnerships, bring together institutions of higher learning from Europe. And a specific area of the world. Together, the partnerships oversee mobility flows for academic staff and students. Levels such as undergraduate, masters, doctorate, and postdoctoral. Scholarships pay for travel expenses as well as participation fees. Along with living expenses, and insurance for the duration of the program. A partnership is  based on a formal agreement and cooperation between two or more parties. Such as higher education institutions. 

It may involve businesses, non-profit organizations, or non-governmental organizations. It has a legalistic component. Partners have clear-cut duties and rights. In situations where individuals identify their shared interests and cooperate with others. Particularly in an intellectual try, this is a collaboration. That is an “authentic partnership.” 


They impart their professional expertise to benefit the neighborhood. A close association of countries was formed to share advanced interests. Which refers to as a “strategic alliance” in most cases. Although there are some differences between these strategic alliances. They can all use to describe a component of the EM MA/Magistr in Special Education. Created as a result of European Commission funding and policy directives.    



Action 3 of EM provides funding for initiatives that will increase the appeal. With increase in global recognition of higher education in Europe. Activities emphasize the global nature of higher education. That focuses on a specific geographic area or academic field. There is funding available for:    


  • joint master’s and doctoral degrees in Europe.
  • partnerships with non-European institutions of higher learning and student and academic scholarships.
  • initiatives to spread the word about higher education in Europe.


Bang On India At The Top

153 Indian students were awarded Erasmus Mundus scholarships in 2021. The EU launched the ERASMUS program. Also known as the European Region Action Scheme for Mobility of University Students. In 1987 with the goal of promoting education, youth development. Sports for students from all over the world studying at partner universities. Collaborated with partner nations all over Europe.


Since then, it has expanded into the biggest mobility opportunities program ever created. It also funds collaboration projects. This program’s primary goal is to

  • Foster academic and youth mobility
  • Cooperation within Europe
  • Cooperation between Europe and other nations of the world, including Asia. 


With a budget of EUR 26.2 billion for 2021–2027. The EU and India will celebrate 60 years of diplomatic ties in 2022. Since 1960, the EU and India have collaborated on different projects. Aimed at eradicating poverty, preventing natural disasters. Along with boosting trade, securing global goods, enhancing global security, and joint research. Also in a variety of areas of shared interest. That includes energy, health, agriculture, and many others.    

Master Scholarships


The master’s level scholarship provides advanced comprehensive study programs. An international partnership with higher educational institutes. To create a new environment and deliver the benefits to the students. The scholarship involves at least three HEI’s from different countries. Out of which at least two should be members of the EU. And the third country should be connected with the program.


Before known as Programme Countries, The EU seeks to promote excellence and internationalization of the participating institutions through supporting these recognized Master degrees. Additionally, there are scholarships available for students to take part in these programs. Which the masters themselves offer to the top-scoring applicants worldwide. Scholarships pay for a student’s program fees along with travel expenses, and a living expense allowance. 

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