India is a land of diversity. One way in which it makes us feel proud of it is the number of festivals we enjoy. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Festivals of India’. You are Karuna/ Karan.


                                                              Festivals of India

                                                             By: Karuna/Karan

!We call India, as a land of diversity because in India people speak different languages,wear different costumes and follow different religions. Since people follow many religions, a wide number of festivals are celebrated in India. Let’s discuss different festivals celebrated by the people of India.

Diwali is a Hindu festival. It is celebrated to honour the defeat of Narakasura. People celebrate this festival by bursting crackers. It is not only a festival of Hindus, even people who follow other religions burst crackers and celebrate this festival. Christmas is a festival of Christians. Christmas is celebrated to remember the  birth of Jesus into this world. During this day people who follow different faiths also attend the prayer meeting with Christians. Islamic people of India celebrate Ramzan. It is celebrated to remember the revelation of the holy Quran to prophet Mohammad. Islamic people usually cook Briyani and share it with people who follow different faiths. There are also festivals like Gurunanak jayanthi, Mahavir and Buddha jayanthi celebrated by the people of India.

Although people of India follow different faiths, they celebrate their festival with people of other faiths to show their love and brotherhood. This shows the beauty and unity of India. Jai Hind!

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