India is a tourist’s dream destination. Give your views on the tourism potential of India in an article in 150-200 words. You are Navtej/ Navita.


                                             THE POTENTIAL OF INDIA IN TOURISM

                                                                  BY:Navtej/ Navita.

India is a tourist’s dream destination because it has great tourism potential. India is a land of diverse nature. Every other country is famous for particular features like mountains, beaches, deserts, lakes, and religious places. But India is the only country famous for all the features mentioned above. During hot summer, if a person wants to stay in cool weather, he can visit hill stations like Shimla, Darjeeling where he will completely forget a season called summer. If a person wishes for a religious trip, he can visit places Khasi, Kailash, Kedarnath, Amarnath which, are famous for temples.  India has a coastal line of more than 7000 km where you can see people taking sunbaths, enjoying fresh plates of seafood and, scuba diving. There are 566 wildlife sanctuaries in India where animal lovers can enjoy and wonder by watching the animals. India has 27.6% of forest cover and, many people visit forest cover areas to fall in love with nature.

And these are the features that make India a tourist’s dream destination. I invite every one of you to visit India and you will never get the feeling to fly back home.


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