India is said to be a young country and is emerging as a global power. The youth is getting increasingly concerned about the problems of corruption, environment, pollution, misuse of natural resources, etc. Write an article in 150-200 words on your vision of India in 2040. 


-M.RANJITH KUMAR, Academic Content Writer                                             


                                                  My vision for India in 2040

                                                                 by : ABC

 Abdul Kalam had a vision that India would become a superpower nation in 2020. But his vision did not become a reality because India could not overcome its age-old problems like corruption, pollution, and misuse of natural resources. Though we failed to achieve his vision in 2020, we have an opportunity to fulfill it in 2040. Currently, our Indian government is taking various steps to overcome such problems. To overcome corruption, India has created Lokpal. Lokpal has the right to investigate government officials over corruption charges. This Lokpal acts as a check to stop the government from getting involved in corruption. In the Environmental Performance Index, India is currently in the 168th position out of 180. To improve our environmental conditions, India has launched Swach Bharath Mission initiative to clean the environment. To reduce carbon levels, India is installing solar power plants and promoting the use of electric vehicles. India has launched The New Education policy to achieve 100% literacy.

India is learning from its mistakes and implementing new initiatives to become the best in the entire world. If India successfully implements the above policies it would become a superpower in 2040.  Let’s pray to Kalam sir who is watching us in heaven to achieve his vision at least in 2040.  

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