India is standing at the threshold of joining the developed nations but that is not possible till we achieve complete literacy in the country. The contribution of students may be very significant in achieving our goals. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘The Role of the Students in Removing Illiteracy’.


-M.RANJITH KUMAR, Academic Content Writer                            

                                             The Role of the Students in Removing Illiteracy


The ability to read and write is called literacy. The Literacy rate is also an important factor in considering a nation as a developed nation. India has a literacy rate of 75%. Out of 140 crores 105 crore people are literate in India. Out of 105 crore people, 83 crore people are young literate Indians who are students. Out of 25%illiterate people, 15% are the people who have crossed 60 years of age and the remaining 10% are people who are between 25 to 60 years of age. In order to remove the illiteracy rate students should teach their illiterate parents and grandparents to read and write at least twice a week. The remaining 10% who are between 25 to 60 must have dropped out of school, due to poverty, lack of interest to study. In some cases, tribal community people are unaware of the education system and they never send their children to schools. To make them become literate, students must create awareness programs for those illiterate people and encourage them to join schools for the better future of the country and themselves. 

Every student of our country should be implanted with the idea to make our country 100% literate and to become a developed nation. If students worked hard to achieve that mission we can make India a developed nation that includes India as a 100% literate nation. 

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