Indicator of health infrastructure- A critical appraisal


Infrastructure plays an important factor of wellness of the public in a welfare state mechanism. The population of India has been growing at an exponential rate of 1.8 crores every year and it is expected and by the start of the next decade, India will be the nation with the highest population. The outbreak of many diseases in the country have shown how incapable the health infrastructure is to fight against such diseases. The outbreak of “chikungunya” in the capital of India showed us how the health infrastructure is really weak.  Problems of resource, beds, medicines shortages were recorded. The health infrastructure of the country has performed badly time after time and we can only imagine how such disease outbreaks could have been avoided if the right number of resources were provided.

The number of healthcare systems provided is abysmal in relation to the current population of the country which is being afflicted with the diseases. Due to the incompetency of hospitals which lack a lot of resources, many people of the country are dying from diseases which can be cured.  

The challenge faced by the country mainly involves 2 parts, an exponential increase in physical buildings and capital expenditure and the effective utilisation of human resources of the country and they form 2 key parts of health ecosystem. 

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