A letter which is written to friends, family, relatives or anyone who we are familiar with.

They are written in a more casual, friendly and familiar tone as compared to formal letters as well as there are no fixed rules to be kept in mind while writing an informal letter.

Informal letters start with a greeting rather than a salutation and it goes on to the details where you can personally relate your thoughts to the reader. It’s more of a narrative than being to the point as in the case of the formal letters.

Even though the tone of the letter is casual and personal, still a little bit of attention is needed to be paid on the language as a letter to your father and a letter to your friend can’t be the same in terms of the language.

EXAMPLE: You are Ashok living at 7, Mall Road, Shimla. Write a letter to your friend Sushil to spend his summer vacation with you in Shimla.

7, Mall Road,


18th November, 2021

Dear Sushil,

I am very glad to know that your school has closed for the summer vacations. I request as well as extend my heartiest invitation to call you at Shimla. You must at least stay with us during this period. You know that Shimla is a well known hill- station, it is called the Queen of hill- stations. The green valleys and other natural sceneries add to the beauty of the place. They are so pleasant that one is lost in their charm. The climate is cool and bracing. We shall visit many springs. We shall visit Jakhoo Temple, Bara Bazar, Chotta Shimla and so many other beauty spots. We shall have a jolly good time.

My parents have great liking for you. We expect you here by the end of this week.

Pay my respect to your parents.

Lots of love


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