Interest groups are part and parcel of a functioning democracy. Discuss.


Solution : Interest groups are formed to advocate for certain issues in the political arena, primarily by lobbying members of legislative bodies.

When specific groups believe that their concerns are not being addressed, they may start a new political party.

Democracy is a system of government that is run by, for, and about the people. Interest groups are developed for certain interests in this system.

Interest groups are a type of non-profit organization. They are created with the intention of influencing public policy. These are non-political systems whose primary objective is to protect their own interests. Political parties are organized organizations whose goal is to gain governmental power and then use that authority to carry out a specified programme. Various interest groups will attempt to influence political parties.

Until they are recognised, these organizations are considered movements.

Interest groups play a vital part in Indian democracy, performing a variety of services such as:

(a)Public Opinion Formation: They shape public opinion through various means of propaganda and communication. They use television, radio, email, and various forms of social media, such as twitter and Facebook, to gain public support and modify the administrative system in their favor.

(b)Function in Natural Disasters: These interest groups assist during natural disasters such as the Himalayan Tsunami in Kedarnath or earthquakes. They gain public attention and favor by engaging in such social activities, as well as influence the government.

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