Poverty is not only define as a society of poor class. It has many aspects in it. Basic need such as food, shelter, education, better health, speak against violence all these needs are to be fulfill to overcome poverty. There are more ways in which poverty defined and measured. 

All those developmental plans and five years plans are there for development of India. For the development, upliftment of poorer class is important. Before independence condition of poor class is worse. So independence is the key for the betterment of the poor class. Development include all ending the poverty, disease and inequality. When all these happens together, then economy is called develop. As the policies which only benefit rich and improve standard of living of rich only will not develop the economy.

Poverty is a wider topic then it appears to us. After independence different policies introduced to reduce poverty. But eradication of poverty completely need more deep study of causes of poverty. As poverty has many dimensions. All dimensions need to be studied and resolve to make country zero poverty.

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