Introduction to Control and Coordination


Keshav Bhatia, Academic Content Writer at Edumarz

In this chapter, you will learn about Control and Coordination in plants and animals.

Response to stimulus and coordination is a crucial quality all living organisms must have:

Animal Nervous system:

  • Neurons and Neuromuscular junctions

  • Role of specialized receptors

  • Reflex actions, how they work, and the role of the spinal cord in a reflex arc

  • Human brain, it’s different parts and their functions

  • Protective structures for nervous tissue 

  • Action mechanism of the Nervous tissue 


Coordination in Plants

  • Response to a stimulus using electrical-chemical means

  • Movement due to growth
    * Phototropism, Geotropism, chemotropism and hydrotropism

  • The need for hormones 

  • Plant hormones and their role in the functioning of plants


Animal Hormones

  • Need for hormones in animals

  • Functioning of Adrenaline

  • Role of other hormones like thyroxin, HgH, androgens, and insulin 

  • Feedback mechanisms and endocrine system

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