Is there any relationship between unemployment and poverty? Explain.


Yes, there does exist a direct and positive relationship between unemployment and poverty. Unemployment leads to poverty and poverty in turn leads to unemployment.  An unemployed person has no means to earn money and cannot fulfill his own and his family’s basic needs. He and his family cannot avail quality education, medical facilities and have no means to create income-earning assets. Such circumstances often compel indebtedness. Consequently, an unemployed person exaggerates poverty for his family due to indebtedness. This confirms the positive relationship between unemployment and poverty. If the government wants to alleviate poverty, then it should aim at creating new employment opportunities. As a result, more people will get employed and perhaps their income will rise. This rise in income will improve their access to quality education, better health care and other basic amenities. Further, these newly employed people will experience appreciation in their living standards and can create income-earning assets. The combined result of all these factors leads to alleviation of poverty. Hence, there exists a positive (but a negative) relationship between unemployment (employment) and poverty.

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