Last month, Adventure Club, Sunshine Public School, Rampur organised a trek around Corbett National Park. During the eight-hour trek, the group lost its way but ultimately reached the starting point. On returning, you, Asim/Asha, the group leader made a report on the trek to the Principal. Write his/her report in 150-200 words.



                                               A TRIP INTO AND AMIDST THE WILD 

                                         BY ASIM, GROUP LEADER, ADVENTURE CLUB 

                                               SUNSHINE PUBLIC SCHOOL, RAMPUR 

 2nd February 2022

On the occasion of Republic Day observed on 26th January every year, the school had organized a trek to Corbett National Park on 27th January, which was coordinated by the Adventure Club. The group, which consisted of 20 people, set off at 4: 00 am on the school bus to the starting point. The trek commenced after a short warm-up and a quick review of the essentials to be carried and recounting of the safety measures. The compass, which lead the way for the first three hours of the trek, broke down and the team stood stranded in the midst of nowhere in broad daylight. A quick and urgent meeting to discuss the next steps was called, and a consensus to return to base was acquired. Post this, the group, with the help of the slightly faltering, but mostly accurate direction and memory, the team reached the base with one hour to spare. Though the trek did not get to its usual summation, it was atreat and adventure all the same, a memory all the 20 of us would remember for a long time. 

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