Life in cities is not as safe as it used to be. People feel more at risk today. The police department of your city has been laying emphasis on public safety through exhibitions, mock drills and seminars. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘How to ensure safe life in cities’. You are Aman/Anamika.


                                               “How To Ensure Safe Life In Cities”

                                                                 By: Anamika

Living in a city enables people to advance socially and economically. However many challenges exist for people living in cities. One of the main challenges is the question of the safety of city dwellers.

Crimes like kidnapping, murder, rape, robberies, chain-snatching and crimes against women and senior citizens are most common. The reasons for these can be attributed to unemployment, illiteracy, greed and the desire to maintain high status by acquiring easy money. We cannot always hold our legal system and the police responsible for the rise of crime rate in cities. It is the duty of each one of us to be vigilant at all times and to ensure our safety.

The police certainly need to be more active and vigilant. Offenders need to be punished most stringently so as to deter others about the repercussions in case they commit the same crime. Parents need to inculcate moral values in their children from a very young age so that they grow up clearly understanding the difference between right and wrong. The government should generate more employment opportunities to ensure that the number of unemployed youngsters in our country does not rise.

It is definitely the collective responsibility of our government, the police department and each one of us to strive for a safe and secure city.


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