Suminder kaur, Academic Content Writer at Edumarz

  • Life processes are the basic functions that are performed by a living organism.

  • These processes might be basic but they are very essential for an organism to remain healthy and maintain a proper functioning of the organ system of the organism. All these processes are vital.

  • The different types of life processes include :

  1. Nutrition : The process by which plants and animals get food and utilise it to obtain energy is referred to as nutrition.It is a fundamental biological mechanism that allows living creatures to obtain energy from many sources.The substances that give these nutrients are nutrients that are based on the body’s needs.

  2. Respiration : respiration is a catabolic process in which gaseous exchange takes place and breakdown of food molecules take place to release energy. This process takes place in mitochondria and energy is released in the form of ATP.

  3. Circulation : the energy that is released needs to be delivered to certain parts of our body. Here, the circulation system comes into the picture. It helps in transportation of minerals, oxygen, vitamins, energy, etc

  4. Excretion : it refers to the process of elimination of the waste and toxic substances from an organism’s body. The waste is collected and then excreted out in the form of urine. 

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