Tanusri Gururaj, Academic content writer of Physics at Edumarz

When the position of an object changes over time, it is said to be in motion

The position change of a moving object is always with respect to its surroundings.

Examples of motion in everyday life-

  • Running

  • Skating

  • Riding a bicycle

  • A moving vehicle 

Four types of motion-

  1. Linear motion: The motion of an object on a straight line.

For example, a bike moving on a straight road.

  1. Circular motion: The motion of an object on a circular path.

For example, the blades of a fan.

  1. Rotational motion: In this type of motion, the object rotates around a fixed axis.

For example, the wheels of a moving vehicle.

  1. Oscillatory motion: The back and forth motion of an object about a fixed position.

For example, the pendulum of a clock.

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