Nature of Psychological Data.


Aliya Qureshi, Academic Content Writer at Edumarz.

  • Data=information.

  • Data is collected from different sources using a variety of methods. It is a very important part of psychological inquiry.

  • By collecting data, psychologists try to approximate the reality to some extent.

  • The quality and nature of data are affected by physical and social context, the persons involved, and the time when the behaviors occur. 

  • After the data is collected, it needs to be inferred or summarized by the researcher to attach meaning to it.


  1. Demographic: includes personal data like age, gender. Education, religion, etc. 

  2. Physical: includes information about ecological conditions, mode of economy, housing conditions, facilities available at home/neighborhood/school, mode of transportation, etc.

  3. Physiological: includes information like height, weight, fatigue, oxygen levels, duration of sleep, etc

 Psychological: includes information such as intelligence,  personality, interest, values, creativity, emotions, motivation, psychological disorders, thought processes, consciousness, subjective experiences, etc.

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