Non- conventional source of energy and consumption pattern of commercial energy


Megha kumari, Academic content writer of Economics at Edumarz

Non- conventional source of energy – These source of energy are produced in nature. Even if these source of energy got exhausted can be produced again, So these are also called renewable source of energy. These include solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy.

  • Solar energy : Energy produced by using sunlight. Now-a-days solar energy are widely used.
  • Wind energy : Energy produced by using wind power. Wind energy is used to generate electricity. As it is renewable source of energy. 
  • Tidal energy : In this tides are converted into power, basically electricity used for various methods.

Consumption pattern of commercial energy – 

  • Commercial energy including coal, lignite makes 74% of total energy consumed.
  • Oil at 10%.
  • Natural gas at 9%.
  • Hydro and other renewable energy at 7%.
  • Non commercial source including firewood, cow dung and agricultural waste  for 26%.
  • India is mainly depended on import of crude and petroleum which is increasing rapidly.

Sector wise dependence on energy:-

  • Transport sector has highest dependent on commercial energy in 1953-1954. But now-a-days this has been decreasing.
  • Share of household, agriculture  sector dependence on commercial energy is increasing.

In commercial energy oil and gas is largely used energy. As with the economic development of the nation dependence of energy is also increasing.

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