On the basis of the issues raised in this chapter, what changes would you incorporate in your life-style in a move towards sustainable use of our resources?


-Kumudinee, Subject Matter Expert Edumarz.

Solution: To avoid causing harm to environment and ecosystem one should incorporate the following changes in life-style in a move towards sustainable use of our resources:

  1. Stop deforestation for construction and other purposes.

  1. Plant and grow as many trees as you can.

  1. Stop/ avoid using plastic and polythene bags for carrying goods.

  1. Recycle plastic and paper.

  1. Segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste into different bins. Non-biodegradable waste can in turn be divided into recyclable and reusable. Decomposable waste can produce very good compost which can be used in gardening. 

  1. Use adequate water and avoid wasting water. Recycle and reuse the water. Take care not to contaminate the nearby water bodies. 

  1.  Avoid using private vehicles for short distances and prefer usage of bicycles and public transport

  1. Switch off lights and other electrical appliances to avoid waste of electricity as producing electricity is costly and it can cause environmental pollution by producing greenhouse gases. 

  1.  Avoid elevators to reduce the use of excessive electricity and physical fitness.


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