Outline the positions of Herbert Risley and G.S. Ghurye on the relationship between race and caste in India


-Mamta Dey: Subject matter expert, edumarz

Solution: Human beings, according to Herbert Risley, might be categorized into races based on their physical traits. His fundamental point was that caste arose from race because the various castes belonged to various racial kinds. He believed that the upper castes descended from Indo-Aryans, whereas the lower castes descended from races other than Indo-Aryans. Inter-caste marriages were severely restricted in India, according to Risley, which made the country ideal for studying racial evolution.

Ghurye, on the other hand, had a different point of view.

He thought Risley’s reasoning was partly right, and that the notion about top castes being Aryans and lower castes being non-Aryans only applied to north India. He went on to say that the taboo on mixing castes was only in place in northern India, and that people in other parts of the country had been mixing for a long time. According to him, racial purity was preserved exclusively in North India, with other sections of the country adopting endogamy only after racial groups had diverged.

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