Parents keep on saving money to be spent on the weddings of their children. This money could have been spent, instead on their education. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Importance of simple weddings’. You are Anu/Anurag.


                                            ‘Importance of simple weddings’


Today parents wanted to do their children’s marriage grandly. Parents keep on saving money to spend on the wedding of their children. Spending too much money on marriage is worthless because it does not add value to life. Instead of spending money on marriage, parents must spend their saved money on children’s education because it will add value to their lives. So parent’s must know the importance of a simple wedding.

To do the marriage grandly, parents borrow money from others. They do this to get nice words from their guests. After the marriage, guests will leave, but families will struggle to repay their debts after marriage gets over. People who do not spend much money on weddings are free from the above struggle. The practice of following a simple wedding will end the dowry system. So people will feel happy to grow a female child.

Wasting a huge sum of money on a 5-hour party is absolutely rubbish. So people must realize and encourage others to do marriages simply without investing huge money. This will save them money for the future and improve our society from leaving dowry practices.  

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