Prabha Dutt Fellowship 2022: Eligibility, Benefits, and How to apply?


Pratheek Gowda, Blogger at Edumarz/27-June-2022

Prabha Dutt Fellowship 2022
Prabha Dutt Fellowship is related to women journalists who are looking for financial support to publish their research papers on topics related to society.


Throughout this article, we will inform you about the eligibility, benefits, and the application process to get the Prabha Dutt fellowship of 100000 INR.

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What is Sanskriti Prabha Dutt Fellowship 2022:

  • What are the eligibility criteria for Prabha Dutt Fellowship?
  • The last date to apply
  • Benefits of getting selected
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Process of applying for Prabha Dutt Fellowship

What is Sanskriti Prabha Dutt Fellowship 2022:


Sanskriti Prabha Dutt Fellowship is presented by the Sanskriti Foundation in the name of late women journalist Prabha Dutt. Helping women journalists who are in plan to start their publications. The eligible applicant will be provided with the number of rupees one lakh for the research and development of articles or books that are related to journalism.

What are the eligibility criteria for Prabha Dutt Fellowship?


  • The applicant must be a female and an Indian citizen.
  • The age of the applicant must be between 25-40 years.
  • Only print journalists are eligible to apply.
  • The chosen one will be assigned to publish a distinct amount of articles in well-known journals.


The last date to apply. 

The deadline has not been set for applying for the fellowship, and the application is accepted throughout the whole year.


Benefits of getting selected


  • Fellowship will be provided for long months.
  • The selected one will get the scholarship money of 100000 INR in two installments.
  • The first half of the fellowship will be disbursed at the beginning, and the rest of the part will be given at the time of the project’s last submission.

Terms and Conditions

To qualify to get the advantages of the fellowship selected, one must agree to the below terms and conditions.


  • The chosen aspirant must have to sign an agreement with Sanskriti Foundation related to the constant progression of work within the duration of the fellowship.
  • Candidates are not supposed to work on any other project during the period of the fellowship.
  • Within the time frame specified, the fellow may work on a book or monograph for publication.
  • Selected ones are supposed to submit a progress report after the first four months of the project.
  • Hindi, English or any other regional languages are acceptable to use in the project.


Process of applying for Prabha Dutt Fellowship


Follow the below steps to apply successfully.


Step 1: Click to visit the official site of the Sanskriti Foundation.


Step 2: Read the details available on the homepage carefully.


Step 3: The Applicant Should submit two pages of C.V, a proposal that explains the project in 250-300 words with 5 published work samples.


Step 4: Postal, Telephonic, and Mail contact details should be submitted by the applicant for the sake of future inquiries.


Step 5: At last names and contact details of the two referees must be also submitted in the application.


If it is sent through the post, the envelope that has the application must be named “Sanskriti -Prabha Dutt Fellowship” on it.

Or applicants can mail it to with the subject line “Sanskriti -Prabha Dutt Fellowship”.

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