Q- Describe some of the areas of everyday life where understanding of psychology can be put to practice.



The areas of everyday life where understanding of psychology can be put to practice are as follows- 

  • The discipline provides multiple solutions at various levels namely personal, the family level, community settings, and national and international dimensions. 


  • personal level – psychology can be helpful as to handle alcoholic people at home, or normal parents dealing with special children.

  • Family settings– lack of communications amid the members

  • Large groups or community settings–   psychology can be used to help socially isolated communities.

  • National and international dimensions- psychology can be used to improve social justice, health, education and other such problems. 

  • Most of the problems in our daily life are psychological in nature which may be because of negative thinking or a negative attitude towards people. Psychology can effectively help in giving solutions

  • Psychology is widely used in media and promotional activity to create customers and influence people.

  •  Social problems related to society including violence, poverty, pollution etc can be controlled effectively and easily. 

  • Psychology discipline can be helpful in the architecture and designing field in order to make the life of people much easier. 

  • Psychologists are working in the diverse field like in schools, business organisations, rehabilitation centres, military establishments etc. 

  • Besides this it can be very helpful in rendering the social services. 

Thus , psychology constitute a very big portion in our lives and is very helpful in our daily lives. 

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