Q-Describe the main features of lifespan perspective on development.


Solutions-  features of the life-span development are –

  • Development is a continuous and lifelong process. It starts from conception and goes on till death. 

  • The subdivisions of the development that goes along with the physical development that is – biological, cognitive and socio-emotional development are interconnected with the development and go on simultaneously throughout life.

  • It is multidirectional, in the sense that some of the dimensions of development increase while some show decrement. For example – you may get wiser with your age and maybe your stamina and speed decreases. 

  • It is highly plastic in nature. The skills and abilities can be developed throughout the lifespan.  

  • The historical conditions also influence the development. For example in the covid period student may have different experiences while the people who are senior to them may have different experiences. 

  • Various disciplines also try to quest out about human development. Discipline is inclusive of diverse subjects like psychology, sociology etc.

  • Various contexts inclusive of the various factors influence our development. For example-  socio-cultural contexts, historical contexts etc. 

Thus these are the main features of the life span perspective on development.

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