Q-Differentiate between an interview and a questionnaire.


Solution– These both are the most used methods in psychological researches, and enquiries. Because of the pandemic we have been in daily contact with them too. 

Interview method is a purposeful activity which is conducted to obtain factual information and opinions from the subject. Most of the times it is conducted face to face and maybe conducted on mobile phones. 

It can be of two types – structured and unstructured. Structured interviews are those which have a definite sequence of questions which are written clearly beforehand and have a particular sequence , in such kind of questions the interviewer have no or very little freedom to change the questions or the wordings of the decided questions.  And unstructured interviews are just opposite to the structured ones. 

Questionnaire – they are the most economical, simple and versatile method for the data collection. It have a predetermined questions, and the repondensts just need to fill the paper rather than directly answering. You must have attempted a questionnaire. 

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